About Project

“Norway for You - Montenegro” Project

through its first phase implemented in the period December 2018-July 2021, contributed to the equal socio-economic development of Montenegro with focus on 16 lesser developed local self-governments, by increasing employment opportunities, supporting social cohesion and improving local infrastructure.

Through the second phase of the project, which will last from August 2021 until September 2023, the support will aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of support for the development and transformation of the micro, small and medium enterprises sector, as well as to improve the innovation ecosystem and strengthen institutions in charge of innovation development in Montenegro in line with the strategic framework and best European practices.


Donor: Kingdom of Norway
Budget: 2.4 million Euros
Duration: December 2018 – September 2023
Implemented by: UNOPS in partnership with UNDP

Methodology of the project implementation during the first phase was based on the grant scheme support, so that the funds were awarded through the competitive process of beneficiary selection in the area of business, civil society and local self-governments, covering different societies and public institutions. In the second phase, besides the grant scheme, other means of support are envisaged, which aim to improve systemic support to innovation and the micro, small and medium enterprises sector through capacity building of national and local partners supporting this sector, through their better integration, regulations related to management, processes and tools.

The beneficiaries of the first phase of the project were the unemployed and disadvantaged communities, but also the entire population of municipalities that were marked by national parameters as municipalities with the lowest development index. In the second phase, the intervention is extended to support the development and transformation of the micro, small and medium enterprises and their beneficiaries, including the above, in all municipalities in Montenegro, as well as improving the capacity of innovation ecosystem institutions.