Enhanced Social Inclusion through Improved Living Conditions

Through this result, economic empowerment of less developed municipalities is foreseen through financial support for projects that will be jointly implemented by civil society organizations, sectoral associations, organisations and local self-government units with their institutions. Through nine projects, which will directly or indirectly influence the realization of income and increase the employment opportunities, the cooperation of all involved partners at the municipality level, as well as among the municipalities involved in the project, will be strengthened. These projects were approved within a Public Call conducted from 16 October until 30 November 2019.

Additionally, seven local infrastructure projects owned by the local self-governments and their services and institutions will be funded, these projects will be implemented in partnership by one or more municipalities, with the objective of strengthening the economic prosperity of the local self-government units involved in the project and affecting the reduction of the emigration rate these municipalities. These projects were approved within a Public Call conducted from 26 November 2019 until 20 January 2020.