Podgorica, 2 June 2020

Kingdom of Norway Donated Ten Medical Ventilators to Montenegro

This medical equipment worth 188,000 Euros will be used to strengthen the health system.

The Kingdom of Norway donated ten respirators to Montenegro to strengthen its readiness in the combat against the COVID-19 virus pandemic. This medical equipment worth 188,000 Euros will also be used to strengthen the health system.

Deputy Prime Minister and President of the National Coordination Body for the Fight against Infectious Diseases Milutin Simović thanked the Kingdom of Norway and its Embassy for the valuable donation, which will further strengthen the readiness of the Montenegrin health system to continue fighting the coronavirus epidemic successfully and respond to future challenges in the event of the next waves of the epidemic.

"The Kingdom of Norway is a true friend and ally of Montenegro. This is especially proven through development cooperation projects in areas defined as priorities for Montenegro, and which are implemented in cooperation with the Kingdom of Norway," said Deputy Prime Minister Simović.

Vice President Simović thanked the United Nations Office for Project Services - UNOPS for cooperation and coordination in the implementation of the donation.

The donated devices are intended for respiratory support to patients suffering from acute respiratory distress, spasm or obstruction. Thanks to that, apart from fighting the pandemic of the new coronavirus, respirators also support the regular functioning of Montenegrin hospitals.

“This is a good day for Norway and Montenegro in joint combat against coronavirus Covid-19, which spread quickly to almost all corners of the world, overwhelming even the most resilient health system. Because of this, we need to focus on high-quality clinical care, in particular in sensitive care units. I am very glad that we could support the Montenegrin authorities in their combat against the pandemic and in their efforts to save lives, by contributing to intensive care units in order to increase their capacities. To achieve this goal, we prioritized the procurements of life-saving clinical ventilators to support patients in a critical respiratory state. Norway has a highly developed capacity to respond quickly to crises and disasters by allocating targeted resources. I am both proud and happy to see that, as an act of solidarity, we managed to act accordingly and make available significant funds for Montenegro to mitigate the effect of this crisis,” the Ambassador of Norway Jørn Eugene Gjelstad said.

The United Nations Office for Project Services - UNOPS conducted a public procurement process and delivered medical equipment, in accordance with the Montenegrin National Plan for Readiness and Response to COVID-19, developed by the Government of Montenegro and a team of UN agencies in Montenegro led by the World Health Organization.

“As part of the international response to the COVID 19 health emergency, UNOPS has put its expertise at the disposal of the governments and donors to ensure that the necessary medical equipment is delivered to the countries. It is, therefore, our great pleasure that we could support the Kingdom of Norway to procure necessary medical equipment, and the Government of Montenegro to respond to the pandemic. With a conjoint effort with other United Nations agencies dedicated to achieving Agenda 2030, UNOPS, as an agency mandated in public procurement, has delivered medical ventilators to healthcare institutions for the benefit of people in need,” Mikela Telatin, the Head of UNOPS for Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro said.